"The good jobs of the future aren’t going to involve working for giant companies on an assembly line. They all require individuals willing to chart their own path, whether or not they work for someone else.” Seth Godin

The world is Changing

Our mission is to provide a platform for children to nurture creativity and critical thinking, and test ideas without fear. To develop a growth mindset by using their brain and hands to solve problems. With ThinkTac, children will be empowered to fulfil their potential in a society driven by technological innovations.

ThinkTac creates a scaffold to experientially learn life and entrepreneurial skills, while producing tangible learning outcomes in curricular areas.

The Aha Moment

Get your thinking cap on

Coach your teacher

Playing is fun

Blow your mind away

The truth is in the detail

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The genius in me

Aim for the sky

All photographs are from ISPF Programmes, conducted at The Valley School, Mallya Aditi International School, Panchavati (RRI Trust), Kutoohala and Rangashankara.

Prepare for the Second Machine Age

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Cultivate Growth Mindset

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Develop Critical Thinking

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Ingrain Social & Emotional Skills

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Instil Scientific Temper