The CONTACT platform consists of two components – a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Live Virtual Classroom. The platform enables the programme delivery to a virtual cohort with a timed, phased release of content.

The ThinkTac LMS is a full featured Learning Management System accessible by all students. It provides access to all the content, together with a platform that encourages and facilitates interaction between students and the educators. The primary features of the ThinkTac LMS are listed below:

  • Content covering the TACtivity guides and Lesson plan guides and videos. The LMS will also host / link curated resources for each topic.
  • Progress Update requiring children to upload photos / videos of their work for review and feedback from Educators
  • Educator Interaction allowing students to clarify their doubts and discuss with the Educator
  • Social covering peer-to-peer interaction through the forums and showcasing work of the students
  • Games designed to understand difficult topic and reinforce the learning

Supplementing the LMS, ThinkTac offers live interaction sessions with Educators and other students in the cohort on a Live Virtual Classroom environment. The platform is similar to a video conference is designed to clarify doubts and encourage students to explore further. These sessions are conducted once a month for most programmes. The session is conducted for the entire cohort and a recorded video of the session is made available to learners who missed a session.

Educator Facilitation

An Educator is assigned to each cohort of 15-25 learners. The Educator will schedule the availability of learning components and monitor the progress of students on a weekly basis. The progress monitoring happens based on the TACtivity observations and photographs / videos submitted by the student. Facilitation occurs by email, telephone and the live Virtual Classroom sessions. Based on the progress of the learner, the Educator may assign additional assignments and provide guidance and resources for further exploration to students. The Educator may contact the parent if there is a need for support from them.