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ThinkTac programmes are K-12 science experiential learning programmes that are aligned with the curriculum. ThinkTac offers Annual programmes, Thematic programmes and Workshops.
The programme consists of two broad components – a) A TACtivity session where the learner is engaged in a hands-on activity and making observations b) An interactive session with the Educator who facilitates connecting the TACtivity to science concepts and explores these concepts with the learner.
The programme consists of two broad components – a) A TACtivity session where the learner is engaged in a hands-on activity and making observations b) An interactive session with the Educator who facilitates connecting the TACtivity to science concepts and explores these concepts with the learner.
ThinkTac provides a majority of the materials required for TACtivities.
We do not provide common household tools such as scissors, paper knife, cutting plier, paper punch etc. A list of such tools required for each programme will be provided and Parents need to procure them in case they are not already available.
A learner can make DIY variants once the primary TACtivity is completed. Materials for the variants are included in the materials in some cases.
No, but most programmes are designed for specific age groups with science achievement levels.
Detailed programme documentation is available on our website including textual guides and videos. Learners get a brief printed TACtivity™ guide with each package that provides basic instructions.
Our Mobile App that will provide access to programme documentation and additional learning components is currently under development and is anticipated to be available by late 2017.
ThinkTac follows an experiential learning pedagogy that is modelled around the Kolb’s learning cycle.
Yes. We partner with schools to offer our programme, customised to the school’s curriculum and preferences.


TACtivities are Tactile Activities that include hands-on activity that include making toys and working models, experiments and tactile inquiry. For some topics, computer based games are offered to the learners to reinforce learning.
TACtivity sessions are educator facilitated sessions where a learner executes a TACtivity in a structured manner. The first part of the TACtivity involves the making or experimenting in a hands on manner and this is followed by playing with the work product of the TACtivity and making observations. The final part of the TACtivity session involves exploring the relevant theoretical underpinnings.
Normally, it is about 45-90 minutes.
While it is preferred to complete a TACtivity session in one go, it may be split across two sessions in some cases.
TACtivity sessions are scheduled in advance and generally on the same time slot in a week.
Normally a single educator handles the TACtivity sessions for a cohort for the entire academic year.

ThinkTac Annual Programmes

The Annual Programmes are designed to run the entire academic year as a supplementary science education programme.
ThinkTac currently offers a Science experiential programme covering the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th standards.
The ThinkTac annual programmes are designed for CBSE, ICSE and Karnataka State boards to start with. Other state boards will be added soon.
In our standard annual programme, TACtivity materials will be shipped once in 2-3 months to align with academic calendars.
The Standard Annual programme has a full range of TACtivities, which comprises a set of Primary and Variants – altogether around 75 TACtivities. The Lite programme, consists of 20 Primary TACtivities, without any variants. While TACtivity sessions are conducted on a weekly basis in the standard programme, Lite TACtivity sessions are conducted once a fortnight.

ThinkTac Thematic Programmes

Thematic Programmes cover a specific area and aim to develop a deep understanding of the area in the learner. Programmes under development include Astronomy (star gazing), electronics (building circuits), 3D printing etc.
No. Thematic Programmes are designed for a small age group with some competency requirements.
Thematic Programmes are offered at selected schools and TacLabs. A few of the programmes are also offered on the CONTACT platform.
Thematic Programmes are offered at selected schools and TacLabs. A few of the programmes are also offered on the CONTACT platform.
Thematic Programmes are generally offered during weekends and school vacations.

ThinkTac Workshops

Workshops are short programmes that are designed for learners who want to experience the ThinkTac programmes.
No. Workshops are designed for a large age group with no prior competency requirements.
Workshops are conducted at selected schools, TacLabs and the CONTACT platform.
Workshops are generally conducted during weekends and school vacations.
Yes. Please contact us by email with your interest and we can organise an event based on your interests.

TACtivity™ Chest

A TACtivity Chest contains most materials required for a set of TACtivity sessions, numbering 15-25 based on the programme. The materials are simple and easy to handle and it is our endeavour to ensure children start from scratch as much as possible.
Single learner. We do not recommend sharing of a TACtivity Chest.
We would suggest that you keep the chest and the materials safe until they are used as we do not normally send replacements. Under exceptional circumstances, we provide replacements on request and payment of a fee.
You will receive the first TACtivity chest within 10 days from the date you subscribe. Many programmes include multiple chests and the subsequent chests will be provided as per a pre-determined schedule.

Optional TACtivity™ Chest

The basic programme provides materials for TACtivities that cover between 20 and 75 topics. Based on the learner’s syllabus, as many as 50 of these can be Primary TACtivities, specific to a topic in the syllabus. The optional TACtivity Chest is designed for learners who want to take a deep dive into a topic and contains materials for 50 additional TACtivities that are variants of the Primary TACtivities included in the basic programme.
The Optional Chest is available for most annual programmes. Please check the programmes section of our web site for details.
The Optional TACtivity Chest is available on the purchase of specific annual programmes. The Optional TACtivity Chest is not available to subscribers of some programmes like the Lite programme.
The Optional TACtivity Chest is designed for a learner who wants to dive deeper into the science topics covered in a curriculum.
A learner can explore and do more TACtivities on their own, deepening their understanding of scientific concepts and imbibing key cognitive and hand skills in the process.
No. Key information relating to the TACtivity process as well as the theoretical underpinnings are covered as part of the basic programme and this provides the necessary foundation for the Optional TACtivities. The learner will have access to complete documentation for the Optional TACtivities. Parents may be required to help learners at some points during this exploration.

Advanced TACtivity™ Chest

Advanced TACtivities are designed to address areas adjacent to the curriculum being covered. It consists of tools and materials for Advanced TACtivity sessions.
Advanced TACtivities are designed for learners who want to widen their understanding in key areas of science. Some of the Advanced TACtivities are selected to familiarise the learner with recent innovations.
The advanced chest is available only for selected annual programmes. Please check the programmes section of our web site for details.
An advanced programme is specific to a standard / age group. Please check the Programmes section of the web site for the latest information.
The Advanced TACtivity Chest is a perfect fit for a high-interest learner, interested in deeper and wider exploration of concepts related to the curriculum.
Yes. Additional equipment will be required for the Advanced TACtivity and these will be provided by ThinkTac.
Yes. 30 hours of CONTACT sessions are provided with the Advanced Chest.
No. CONTACT sessions for advanced TACtivities are scheduled on weekends and holidays.

CONTACT™ Platform

CONTACT is our Virtual Classroom platform, which facilitates learners doing TACtivities from their homes. CONTACT is offered primarily for the annual programmes and other selected programmes offered by ThinkTac.
A ThinkTac educator uses software and a video camera to live stream a TACtivity session. The session includes the TACtivity process and exploration of related theoretical concepts. A camera at each learner’s end streams their video live to the teacher, allowing them to ask questions and get responses.
Broadband internet with at least 1 MPBS or good 3G or 4G internet connection is required to participate on the CONTACT platform.
Any Computer with a Chrome Browser installation and a webcam is all you will need.
A learner can explore and do more TACtivities on their own, deepening their understanding of scientific concepts and imbibing key cognitive and hand skills in the process.
The CONTACT platform can be accessed from most devices including smart phones and tablets that run a Chrome browser. However, the functionality may be limited.
ThinkTac is currently developing a mobile app that will work on the Android and iOS platforms. It should be available towards the end of 2017.
A group of students, between 15 and 30, form an online Cohort on the CONTACT platform. An effectively communicating cohort has been shown to improve learning outcomes in many research studies.
A student gets assigned to a cohort based on several parameters including the programme subscribed, school attending, geographic location, preference of time etc.

ThinkTac Schools

ThinkTac partners with Schools to offer its programmes, integrating it with the Science pedagogy.
Our School programmes consist of two components – Classroom Integration and TACtivity sessions. Classroom integration includes a Classroom Toolkit that can be used by the teacher when teaching a specific topic, to increase the effectiveness and engagement. The second component is the TACtivity sessions that are integrated into the timetable and carried out regularly, generally prior to the topic being taught in the regular science class.
The School and annual programme offer the same key features. The School programmes are customised to align with the school’s curriculum and preferences. School programmes also offer Classroom Integration where a Classroom toolkit is used by science teachers to improve the student engagement.
The TACtivity™ sessions are conducted at the school during designated periods either by the School Teacher or ThinkTac educators.
A student from a partner school may join the annual programme, although the TACtivities are most likely be repeated based on the programme the School has chosen.
Yes. There are however some restrictions based on the nature of the programme adopted by the school.
Some of the Thematic programmes maybe offered at schools based on the infrastructure requirements and learner interest.

The TacLab

A TacLab is a centre that offers ThinkTac programmes to the local community.
A TacLab offers only those programmes that are relevant to the local community.
TacLabs are currently in the process of being setup at several locations in Karnataka. Please visit our website to locate a TacLab nearest to you.
The CONTACT platform has been designed as a virtual TacLab and you can get the same benefits by enrolling for a programme on the CONTACT platform.
Different Thematic programmes maybe offered at different TacLabs based on the infrastructure requirements and learner interest.


Online Orders

All programmes offered on the CONTACT Platform and TacLabs have to be purchased online. This is not applicable for programmes offered by ThinkTac Schools.
Please visit our website
ThinkTac offers several ways to pay including Credit/debit cards and mobile wallets.
ThinkTac does not have an instalment option. However, if your credit card issuer allows EMIs, you are welcome to avail it.
You may request a full refund for any unopened non-sale merchandise that is returned within 15 days of the date of purchase by credit card. Returned items must be in unopened, saleable condition, accompanied by the original receipt, in order to be eligible for refund or credit. The cost of return shipment has to be borne by the customer.
Before making the payment, check for the option to enter a promo code. If there is a promotional event and you have been offered it, then the Apply Code option will allow you to insert a promotional code.


Within 10 working days, based on where your shipping address is.
ThinkTac ships anywhere in India.
ThinkTac ships by Courier or India Post based on the location.
No. We offer an all-inclusive price. Prices are subject to change based on changes in the tax laws.
Not generally, but we are happy to discuss your requirement if you write to us. The time zone in which you live would be important to attend the TACtivity sessions on the CONTACT platform.


The ThinkTac programme is facilitated by Educators using a scaffold approach. The Educator assesses the current capabilities of the learner and provides just enough support to enable the learner to take the next step, building confidence and capability at each step.
Yes. More details in the Educator page of our web site.
An Educator associated with ThinkTac will receive Educator access credentials and can access ThinkTac documentation online, providing unrestricted access to all content.
Initial intensive training spans 4 days and is conducted in a face to face mode. If your school is a ThinkTac school, then the training is free of cost and organised by the School. If not, please contact us and we will provide the details.
Ongoing training is held once a month on weekends. It is conducted on CONTACT, our Virtual Classroom Platform. This training is compulsory for all active Educators.
Except for the initial 4 days’ training, all the rest can be attended remotely.
Full time employment opportunities are available with ThinkTac providing services at ThinkTac Schools, the CONTACT Platform and TacLabs.
ThinkTac trained educators get preferential part-time employment opportunities for conducting CONTACT sessions. Educators also have the opportunity for setting up and running a TacLab.
Partner schools have a designated support member assigned. You are welcome to contact us by email at


The Basics

Our mission is to empower every child to engage, enjoy and innovate with science as they learn.We provide a platform for children to nurture creativity and critical thinking, and test ideas without fear. To develop a growth mind-set by using their brain and hands to solve problems.
ISPF is an acronym for Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation, an NGO focused on Science education. ThinkTac is making the content created by it available to ISPF for use in Government Schools.
The material and processes are carefully designed to encourage "making", "tinkering" and other forms of tactile activities, and consciously create situations that force the learner to problem-solve and think critically and creatively.ThinkTac strongly believes in the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle philosophy, and we try to preach and practise this in our programmes.
For any learner in general and those in standards V to VIII in particular.
Yes, please visit our website for details.
Please visit the Interested web page and provide your details and we will connect with you to take the discussion forward.
We are open to partnerships with various industries engaged in Science and Engineering. Please email us at
ThinkTac is looking for like-minded partners in various geographies to expand the reach of the ThinkTac programmes. If you are interested in ThinkTac’s programmes, please contact us at

Open Source

The TACtivity guides – that are the core of the ThinkTac programme – are Open Source, licensed under the open source Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 License. The TACtivity guides are designed to be self-contained, allowing anyone to execute a TACtivity without any additional information.
Copyrights/intellectual property rights are waived off and hence programmes/services may be accessed, redistributed, freely shared or modified. Under the licensing used by ThinkTac, everyone is free to: • Share any content • Remix our TACtivity guides as long as they attribute the source Republish any content or modifications under a similar licence
Our Syllabus maps, Classroom Guides and Lesson Plans are not Open Source.

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